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11 Foods that Promote Healing Candida in the Body


Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with Candida Albicans, Invasive Candidiasis, Candidemia, Systemic Fungal Infection or a Parasite Infection?  I, myself, have struggled off and on with this over the years.  There are now over 46,000 new cases per year.    It has been determined that 75% of all people are affected to some degree by this systemic fungal infection which can colonize in the intestines or other areas of the body.

Modern medicine has determined that uncontrolled fungus in the body may be the root cause of various chronic diseases/illnesses.  With an unbalanced microbiome, your immune system weakens and can open the door to an entire host of medical complications.

So why is this on the rise?  One of the main reasons is due to diet.  People are too busy to think about what they are consuming.  High carbohydrate diets proliferate and not only cause an acidic environment but the starches break down into sugar and feed the fungus.  A vicious on-going cycle is created.  In addition, food is now grown in mineral depleted soil which also creates acidity in the body.  Being super stressed day in and day out also takes its toll and weakens the adrenals.

So, what can you do about it?  The number one thing you need to do is curtail your consumption of all sugar and limit the amounts of starch.  My next post will be discussing foods you can eat and foods you need to steer clear of.  Once you eliminate the sugar, start adding in as many of the following ingredients as you can.

  • Cayenne Pepper – Increases circulation (Do not use if following the Autoimmune Paleo Diet)
  • Coconut Oil – Is an anti-fungal and strengthens immunity.
  • Garlic – Is an anti-fungal, boosts good bacteria, stimulates the liver and colon.  (Do not use is following the Low FODMAPS Diet)
  • Ginger – Has anti-inflammatory properties, a detoxifying effect in the body, increases circulation
  • Lemon + Lime – Increases alkalinity in the body (Do not use if following the Low Histamine Diet)
  • Olive Oil – Is an anti-fungal, helps stabilize blood sugar levels. (Use only a good quality oil that is greenish in color)
  • Onions – Are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic  (Do not use if following the Low FODMAPS Diet)
  • Pumpkin Seeds – Are anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and high in the omega 3 fatty acids.  (Do not use if following the Autoimmune Paleo Diet)
  • Rutabagas – Are considered one of the most potent antifungal foods  (Do not use if following the Paleo Ketogenic Diet)
  • Seaweed – Rich source of iodine, helps balance the thyroid gland, flushes heavy metals out of the body
  • Turmeric – Contains the natural anti-inflammatory compound, curcumin  (Do not use if taking anticoagulants which can interfere and cause blood clotting)


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Ilia Regini is a certified healing through food specialist/health supportive chef/culinary instructor/writer/blogger and speaker.  Healthy Nourished Body offers chef service, cooking lessons, healthy kitchen makeovers and customized menu planning for healing through food dietary protocols. e:[email protected]