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Our Personal Chef Services allow you to choose from a variety of meal plans, we’ll create delicious and nutritious wholesome meals that are packaged in our glass containers with locking covers. You will make an initial investment in a set of glassware that will keep your food fresh in the fridge for days.  Whether you’re needing to feed a large family or just improve your individual health and wellness, all meal plans can be customized for any family as well as those seeking Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo and Gluten-free cuisine, to name a few.  As a certified, professionally-trained health supportive chef, my team and I are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how nourishing and satisfying these meals can be.

Starting with a FREE client assessment, together we’ll determine the best, most flavorful meal solutions based on your specific dietary needs and desired goals.  Our Personal Chef Service is all-inclusive to create a truly stress-free client experience, as we do it all from grocery shopping to cooking to packaging, clean-up and beyond.

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If you want to learn how to prepare healthy, appetizing cuisine in a fun and educational way, you’ve come to the right place.  At Healthy Nourished Body, we offer both individual and group cooking classes that provide hands-on demonstrations for proper knife skills, preparation work and essential cooking techniques.  More Details..


Having dietary restrictions imposed on your day-to-day eating habits can be a scary and overwhelming experience.  The key to every good meal is starting with the right ingredients and tools.  At Healthy Nourished Body, we make the transition to a healthier lifestyle for my clients stress-free and easy. More Detail..


Navigating a health-food or farmer market or any supermarket for that matter can be a distressing and overwhelming experience.  At Healthy Nourished Body, we make this transition easy by creating a personalized Market Tour based on your dietary needs and market preferences.  We provide a customized hands-on educational experience. More Detail..

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