7 Foods That Can Interfere with Your Meds

Most of us who take medication do so without giving a second thought as to with which ingredients it is taken.  We pop a pill, gulp down some water and we are off.  I would like to inform you of some foods that may cause havoc if taken in conjunction with various medicines.

The first one I would like to point out is the grapefruit.  It negatively interferes with a number of prescription drugs.  The medicine winds up remaining in the body too long or for too short a time and consequently, can cause a host of side effects.  An example is Lipitor, the cholesterol lowering statin which so many are on these days.

Another food to be on the lookout for is milk.  The combination of the minerals, calcium and magnesium as well as the protein, casein, make it much more difficult for the body to break down the antibiotic.

A third food to be aware of is licorice.  It contains a chemical that disrupts the potency of the drug, making it less effective.

The fourth food (oh no, everyone’s favorite treat) is chocolate.  Believe it or not, dark chocolate is the worst and will have a weakening effect on a drug like Ambien meant to help you relax and fall asleep.  In addition, for patients on Ritalin, the stimulant drug will increase in potency and for people taking an MAO inhibitor, it makes your blood pressure sky high.

Number five is alcohol which negatively interfere’s with almost all meds by making them either ineffective, completely useless, too strong or presenting horrible side effects.

The number six food is, yeah, you guessed it, coffee which weakens the effect of the drug and interferes with how your body uses iron.

The final food is the vitamin K rich category of cruciferous vegetables which consists of broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, spinach, etc.  These vegetables need to be limited if taken warfarin to prevent blood clots.  Contrary to one’s beliefs, it can thin the blood and make you susceptible to a blood clot.

So there you have it!  These foods do not work synergistically with meds in the body. Make a note of it and be aware!

Ilia Regini is a certified healing through food specialist/health supportive chef/culinary instructor/ writer/blogger and speaker.  Healthy Nourished Body offers chef service, cooking lessons, healthy kitchen makeovers and customized menu planning for healing through food dietary protocols.  www.healthynourishedbody.com www.facebook.com/wellnourishedbody63  e:healthynourishedbody@gmail.com