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A Nutritious Breakfast in a Hurry

Do you wake up famished but have limited time to eat?  Try to get into the habit of soaking your grain of choice the night before.  All grains contain phytates or phytic acid and if not soaked will bind with vitamins and minerals and prevent their absorption.  Unfermented grains can lead to bone loss and other complications.

Start out by measuring 1/2 cup of teff, amaranth, steel cut oats, quinoa flakes, sweet brown rice or buckwheat.  Place into a small bowl and cover w/filtered water.  Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, lemon or whey to help it ferment.  Next morning, drain, place in a pot w/1 cup of filtered water and /or rice milk.  Allow it to simmer w/lid ajar.

Prepare for your day in the meantime.  Come back and give the grain a stir.  When thickened but creamy, turn off the stove, pour it in a bowl and add rice milk, a sliver of organic butter, ground cinnamon, a touch of maple syrup and a handful of pumpkin seeds.

You will start your day feeling energized!  These ancient grains are not only high in fiber but are a rich source of B vitamins and minerals.

An alternative to the above is to place 7 or 8 different grains, seeds and nuts in equal amounts in a food processor, grind and store in the refrigerator.  Soak 1/3 cup of the cereal w/warm filtered water to cover.  Soak overnight w/a cover.  In the morning, it will be ready to eat.  You can add a touch of honey or maple syrup, date or banana slices or some other fruit and chia or flax seeds for the omega 3 essential fatty acids.

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