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Chef Ilia Regini discusses her new Cookbook with Paul Feiner & Dr. Pauline Mosley

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[00:00:02.410] – Paul Finer

Now live from Whitney Media, 1460 WVOX. The Greenburgh report with Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Finer. You can join in the conversation at 914-63-6110 now on 1460 WBOX, here is Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Finer.

[00:00:20.580] – Paul Finer

Good morning, I’m Paul Finer. I’m the Greenburgh Town Supervisor. And joining me as co-host is Dr. Pauline Mosley. And Dr. Mosley is a professor at Pace University. So welcome. And we have a great program. We have a guest chef, Ilia Regini. And Ilia wrote a book. Healthy Nourished Body, a Cookbook for the Modern Age. So thank you for joining us.

[00:00:54.030] – Chef Ilia Regini

Thank you very much for having me.

[00:00:55.800] – Paul Finer

Maybe we could start before we ask questions, maybe you could just tell us a little bit about yourself.

[00:01:00.670] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes, okay. I always felt that I was born with an above average palate, ever since I was five years old, was always interested in healthy, healing food my entire life. And after my career finished with foreign language, which was my other forte in life, I decided to investigate further into the world of nutrition, holistic healing, yoga, reflexology. But my big passion, obviously, was in the food industry. So I went to three health related culinary schools and started a business called Healthy Nourished Body.

[00:01:40.540] – Paul Finer

That’s great. Do you have a question?

[00:01:42.190] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

Yes, I do. Thank you so much, Paul. And again, welcome, Ilia, to the show. We’re so happy to have you here this morning. Can you just share with our audience today? When did your love for cooking first become so apparent?

[00:01:57.190] – Chef Ilia Regini

It became apparent, actually, believe it or not, when I was in high school. Wow. I distinctly remember because I grew up in Dutchess County, and it was about 40 minutes north of the culinary Institute, the famous culinary Institute of America. And so I told my mother, I said, gee, I said, I really feel like I have a feeling that it might be a good place for me to go. I think I feel that that might be who I want to be. We went on a tour, and then she said to me, Ilia, she said, are you sure you want to do this? You’re going to be stuck in the kitchen all those holidays, but you love foreign language, you’re going to have your summers off. She convinced me, and all these years later, here I am going into the food industry.

[00:02:39.510] – Paul Finer

Can you tell us a little bit about the book Healthy Nourished Body?

[00:02:43.570] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes. I decided to write this book because so many different people were writing to me and saying, I’m doing the renal diet, I’m doing the low FODMAPs diet, I’m doing the vegan diet, I’m doing the paleo ketogenic. What do I need to do? And I immediately, when I heard these words, I found it very intriguing and interesting. And I started doing research on each and every one of them. And I said, you know what? When I write these recipes, I said, I’m going to add a little something. So whoever reads the recipe in their paleo knows how to swap things out and put what they need. If they’re vegan, same thing each recipe has. That 113 recipes in the book.

[00:03:27.010] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

That’s excellent. Your title, Healthy Nourished Body the Nourished stands out to me, especially coming out of the pandemic. This book is so well needed for individuals who are trying to become healthier. Can you explain the origin of your title? What made you come up with this fantastic title, Healthy Nourished Body?

[00:03:50.760] – Chef Ilia Regini

I think part of it was when I was going to the raw food training school out in Oklahoma. At that point in time, it was a big blur about where I was going with my life. And I kept thinking, nourishing. I said, I got to give myself a title. But I said I couldn’t really come up with one. And then I first came up with, well, nourished body. And then a very good friend of mine on the phone said, Ilia, what do you think about Healthy Nourished Body? I said, Geez, that’s even better.

[00:04:19.980] – Paul Finer

We have to take a break, just a five minute break. And we’ll be back with Ilia Regini, and she’s the author of a book, Healthy Nourished Body a Cookbook for the Modern Age. And my co host is Professor Pauline Mosley. The resident Greenburgh. Paul Finer Greenburgh council.

[00:04:47.290] – Chef Ilia Regini

1460 WVOX.

[00:04:51.860] – Paul Finer

Now back to the greenburgh. Report on 1460 WVOX. Once again, here’s Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Finer.

[00:05:00.330] – Paul Finer
 I’m Paul Finer. I’m the Greenburgh Town Supervisor, and my cohost is Professor Pauline Mosley. And my guest is Ilia Regini. And Ilia wrote a really interesting book. Healthy Nourished Body a Cookbook for the Modern Age. And Pauline, you had a question.
[00:05:24.150] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes. Thank you, Paul.

[00:05:25.320] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

And again, welcome back again, Ilia. Ilia, we’d like to know you as a personal chef. In addition to your book, you have other services that you provide to the community, such as cooking classes and nutritional counseling and even a market tour. Can you elaborate on some of these services and where we can go to learn more about it?

[00:05:47.280] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes. The best place to go would be my website, which is Also, I’m on Facebook under Healthynourishedbody as well as Instagram to get an idea what the photos look like of the foods that we prepare. The cooking classes are usually a three hour cooking class, and  we do them at the client’s house, they can be hands-on or partial hands-on or just sitting there enjoying watching me do the cooking. And the explanation, we explain all the nutritional benefits of the foods and ingredients that we’re using for each dish. And we also teach the knife skills so everybody gets a chance to use the knife.

[00:06:38.360] – Paul Finer

In your book, one of the things that I thought was really interesting, and this is a direct quote, you said, food isn’t or at least should not be something you simply grab and gobble up three times a day to fill you up. Food is both an art and a science. It’s about selecting the freshest, local, and organic produce and combining it with various forms of protein. And you were talking also about grass fed meats. Could you tell us about your thoughts?

[00:07:09.180] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, okay. The reason that I put that in there is because I firmly, intuitively believe that if you’re angry or if you’re in a hurry, I think what happens is that the cells are going to be using up energy in a different way. And I think what we’re meant to do is when we sit down to a meal, we need to actually be quiet and concentrate and chew and enjoy each biteful. Honestly. That’s how I honestly feel about that.

[00:07:43.950] – Paul Finer


[00:07:44.550] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

That’s great. So this book is such a unique cookbook. Can you tell us what distinguishes it from other cookbooks out on the market and why we should get this cookbook?

[00:07:55.610] – Chef Ilia Regini

I certainly can. When I put this cookbook together, I had to come up with a hook, as they say. So I decided since I was having a lot of calls coming in about I’m following this healing diet and that healing diet. I did research on a lot of these diets, and I took a handful of them, the most popular ones, and I decided to tweak each recipe. When you go to the ends of each recipe, it’ll say, for example, this recipe is appropriate for the following diets. And then it’ll list them. For example, it could be the low FODMAPs diet or the candida elimination diet or the paleo ketogenic diet. The vegan or the vegetarian. Now the next section below that will say if you’re following X diet, you need to swap out such and such an ingredient and use this one in place. And then finally, sometimes a few of the recipes, they won’t work at all. So I would say that it was inappropriate, you’re following such a diet. So that’s pretty much the approach that I took.

[00:09:07.650] – Paul Finer

One of the interesting features in your book is you give advice on how to set up a kitchen and a pantry. And I’m sort of wondering if you could talk about why that’s important.

[00:09:21.000] – Chef Ilia Regini

Okay, that’s very important because we know a lot of people that are not into organization. They have like, just a pile of stuff and everything is kind of like cluttered. You don’t really know what you have. Things get old this way. When you have your stove set up, you want to grab your olive oil and your vinegars and have it usually like, to the right side in a cabinet right there. So you pull it out, you start using it. And spices can be maybe perhaps underneath in a cabinet that’s handy. You just pull the drawer out. You have them all alphabetical from A to Z. You know exactly where to put your hand. You take it out, you get a little spice and you add it. It saves a lot of time and you don’t have to stop and run around you’re right there. The fire is going. You can still continue to cook.

[00:10:17.890] – Paul Finer

That’s interesting.

[00:10:19.200] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

Yes, that’s great. That’s a wonderful asset that home cooks need to have. Now, what are some tips that home cooks can start today to try to make their cooking meals healthier? I know you mentioned in reference in your book about the top twelve ingredients, but we may not be able to get all twelve. But for our audience today, if we start on our path to be healthy, and this is a book where everyone should purchase this book, what are two ingredients we may have in our house already that we can start using appropriately so that we could be healthy with these ingredients?

[00:11:04.840] – Chef Ilia Regini

Okay. From that perspective, most people usually have a can of beans. I mean, it doesn’t have to be that top of the line, the Eden Brand. But even if it’s nonorganic, the idea is you want to be able to utilize what you have already on hand. And beans are quick. I mean, you just open the can, you drain it, and you can add those beans to salads, you can add them to broth. If you have some broth, you can add them and add them along with other vegetables and other things like seaweed noodles, for example, for people that want to be gluten free. And they can’t have gluten noodles. They’re very high in iodine, but they’re quick, they’re nutritious. You can even put them in a food processor and process them so it becomes like a spread. And then you can maybe, perhaps add some extra spices so you can do a lot with something as simple as just a can of beans.

[00:12:07.690] – Paul Finer

Great. We really appreciate it. Again. Your book is healthy. Nourished Body a Cookbook for the Modern Age by Chef Ilia Regini. And how do people get the book?

[00:12:19.840] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, the best way to do it is go on Amazon. It’s for sale on Amazon. We have the name. The name is my business, Healthy Nourished Body, easy to find. And I believe that there’s a little preview there so you can preview it before you purchase it.

[00:12:36.690] – Paul Finer

That is great. I’m Paul Finer with Pauline Mosley. We’ll be right back.

[00:12:41.740] – Paul Finer

Now back to the greenburgh. Report on 1460 WVOX. Once again, here’s Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Finer.

[00:12:49.830] – Paul Finer

Hi, I’m Paul Finer. I’m the Greenberg Town Supervisor with Professor Pauline Mosley, who’s co- hosting the program. Thank you. And we are talking with Chef Ilia Regini about her book Healthy Nourished Body, a cookbook for the Modern Age. How long did it take you to write the book?

[00:13:13.410] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, I started it, actually. You could say I kind of got this inkling to start writing recipes back in 2012, 2013, and I didn’t know what it meant. It felt like it was coming through me. I was putting together things, and I felt that I had to write it down. Didn’t know what that meant, so I just did it, put it away, put it in a folder. That was that. Then around 2016, I started seriously thinking about it again. I said, oh. I said, that must have led up to what I’m supposed to do with this. So then I started really working on it. 2016 is when I started, and it came out 2022.

[00:13:51.540] – Paul Finer

And people are really going to get their money’s worth because you have 331 pages of recipes. I’m sure there’s a recipe in the book and information in the book that could help anyone who loves eating.

[00:14:05.190] – Chef Ilia Regini

I believe. So we covered a lot of areas here.

[00:14:09.560] – Paul Finer

Diverse diets that is great. Before Pauline asks a question, I just had a question because sometimes when I go, I’m not a cook at all, so I don’t appreciate all the different oils and ingredients. But can you explain what sea salt is? I’ve always been curious.

[00:14:33.580] – Chef Ilia Regini

Sea salt? Well, sea salt, they say, has more trace minerals than the regular salt. And if you actually put your finger into it and you taste it, you notice that it has much more flavor. You’ll notice even it has like a sea kind of a marine kind of a taste. But the big thing is that it’s supposed to have a lot more trace minerals..

[00:14:55.540] – Paul Finer

And it’s from the sea, usually. Yes. It’s a dumb question, so I might as well stop while I’m ahead and have you save it.

[00:15:09.280] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

No, not a problem, Paul. Okay, so who should actually buy this book? Is it like, for vegetarians, for new brides just learning how to cook, or single people or college kids in their dorm? Who actually should buy this book?

[00:15:27.000] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, that’s the interesting question, because I truly believe that this book can be utilized for various kinds of people. There’s a little bit in there for everybody. The recipes are pretty simple to follow. They’re not complex. Any particular one of those diets that I mentioned, like the Vegan, the Vegetarian paleoketogenic, someone wants to heal and they’re following the Low FODMAPs diet or the Candida Elimination Diet. This would be very, very helpful for them because it tells you specifically to make this particular recipe, swap out this item and add this. I don’t think a lot of recipes in other books are doing that exactly, but this is what I think would be most useful.

[00:16:17.080] – Paul Finer

Does your book also give tips to individuals who have a host of digestive and or gastrointestinal disorders or autoimmune illnesses?

[00:16:31.080] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes. You’re probably referring to SIBO, right? The acronym. Okay. SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. I would say probably leaning towards the Candida Elimination diet would be the one. Because you want to eliminate things like sugars and fungal mushrooms and things of that nature. That would probably be the best route to take that would be helpful.

[00:17:01.720] – Paul Finer

That is great. So if somebody has health issues, this book could give people a lot of hope because you could enjoy your eating and be healthy at the same time.

[00:17:16.090] – Chef Ilia Regini

That’s the idea. Absolutely. That’s the idea. I mean, if you’re on a very limited diet, you don’t want them to lose all. Hopefully that this book will tell you to add some of these other things in there that you can have and at least make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and as flavorful and nutritious as we possibly can make it.

[00:17:41.350] – Paul Finer

You should sell your book to various hospitals and doctors.

[00:17:48.640] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes, that probably would be a good arena to check out.

[00:17:52.740] – Paul Finer


[00:17:53.740] – Chef Ilia Regini


[00:17:54.430] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

It’s a great idea. Paul just mentioned, because your book is really not a cookbook. It’s really recipes and also educational material and resources for an individual to educate themselves on how they should eat. You have a phenomenal quote on your website which is, let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. And your book really demonstrates this precept. Could you explain what you mean by, let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food?

[00:18:30.910] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, when I thought of that, I immediately thought, why are so many people going to all these pharmacies and they’re buying so many different concoctions and ointments and pills? I never do that. I never go to a pharmacy. And I said, Maybe it’s because I’m using what I call the trilogy, the minced garlic. Garlic you use every day. And then you have the ginger, and then you have the fresh turmeric. Turmeric we all know is very healing from India. And I say, why use the powdered turmeric when you can actually use the real turmeric? It looks like a finger. I have a YouTube video on that, and it looks like a carrot. When you cut it down, you mix it up, you can add it to soups, you can add it to stews. It’s very nutritious. And just a few of these simple things. It’s amazing what it does to your system. None of us believe that it’ll make a difference, but it actually does over a period of time.

[00:19:41.210] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

Yeah, that’s excellent, because my doctor recently told me about tumeric for inflammation and ginger and the combination thereof that actually helps inflammation and helps your body. So this is excellent. Excellent. Everyone should run out and get this book because it’s not just recipes, but it’s recipes to improve the quality of your life and address underlying health challenges that 1 may have. So you’re educating the reader not just on how to cook properly, but how to utilize spices in a way that can promote healthy living. As your title says, healthy living, and healthy living is a better quality of life. And I think we’re all concerned about this coming out of the pandemic. Our health is our greatest asset, and.

[00:20:30.870] – Chef Ilia Regini

Once you get used to it, I don’t think there’s any turning back, but there’s a curve. There a learning curve. It takes time.

[00:20:38.440] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

It takes time. And this is a great resource for someone just immersing themselves in trying to understand how to cook and how to cook healthy. And you’ve done a phenomenal job with this book.

[00:20:52.410] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, thank you very much. I appreciate that.

[00:20:54.660] – Paul Finer

And you indicated in your book that a meal should be composed of as many as six flavors. Salty, sweet, sour, bitter, astringent, and pungent.

[00:21:04.840] – Chef Ilia Regini

Yes, that’s correct. The reason I say that is because most of the time in our everyday life, most people, they concentrate too much on the sweet and the salty. Sweet and salty. What about all these other flavors? They need to be incorporated too. For example, like the green dandelion greens, they have a bitter taste, but you mix them up, put a few kalamata olives in there some cherry tomatoes, put a nice vinaigrette on them. You taste a little bit of the bitter, but you actually enjoy it because you’re consuming it with other, maybe sweetness from a beet or sweetness from a yam, and you’re getting a little salty, maybe from a potato or something like that. And mushrooms, for example, shiitake has that, umami, kind of flavor. These are all very important. I think the palate I never really knew, and I still don’t know to this day if I was born with an above average palate or did I develop at a young age.

[00:22:09.700] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

That’s amazing. That’s amazing. So a lot of these recipes that you have designed and developed to help people with their eating challenges are also there to taste well. How did you come up with these recipes to be able to intersect healthy recipes with things that taste well? Sometimes things that are healthy for us don’t always taste well, but you seem to intersect these two very seamlessly. And how did you I mean, that’s just an art. And I think that just differentiates your book from so many other books out on the market, because some recipes just go for the taste. But not only you’re doing combining taste and healthy, but you’re also bringing the aesthetics of how it looks on a plate. And that is a true art. And you’re really an expert in this field. So could you just elaborate on how you were able to accomplish this? Because that is really noteworthy.

[00:23:13.390] – Chef Ilia Regini

I think a lot of that is coming from a higher source, because I had dreams over the years about a long wooden table outside some place with all these different people on there sitting there. And I would have, like, a banquet of all these meals, like, one lined up after another, and I was, like, at the head of the table discussing something. It would be a recurring dream that I used to have all the time. And it seems like a lot of that is coming forth now. And as far as answering your other question. I know exactly what you mean about I used to be when I was growing up, I always liked the sweet and sour taste of like, a chicken with pineapple. And I said to myself, I said, Wait a second, I know that that has MSG in it, right? I said, how do I make one that’s really all 100% natural? And I experimented. I took a bottle of organic pineapple juice. I took some broth and created my own all natural sweet and sour sauce.

[00:24:16.180] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

It’s amazing.

[00:24:17.010] – Chef Ilia Regini

I took some coconut aminos, I took some coconut vinegar.

[00:24:34.840] – Paul Finer

Now back to the greenburgh. Report on 1460 WVOX. Once again, here’s Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

[00:24:42.880] – Paul Finer

Hi, I’m Paul Finer. I’m the Greenburgh Town Supervisor. My guest is chef Ilia Regini, author of a book, Healthy Nourished Body a Cookbook for the Modern Age. And co host is Pauline Mosley. I want to ask a question about eating out. Is that something that you discourage or recommend? And what should people, when they eat out, look for?

[00:25:08.470] – Chef Ilia Regini

Well, I mean, I’m a person. I’m not too fond, obviously, of eating out, because I can just whip something up by opening a refrigerator and say, let’s see what I can make tonight. It just comes naturally. But for the people that do want to eat out, I mean, I really think that the whole concept of the restaurant. I think it’s starting to change, though, now. But a few years back, you would get things like chlorinated water with chlorinated cubes. I mean, who wants to have that cold and it’s icy and it cools the stomach. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Or baskets of bread. Most people can’t even have bread anymore with gobs of butter. And then people would fill up on that. And then when the meal came, they really wouldn’t be able to enjoy the meal as they should. So I just looked at that as a concept and I said, Gee. I said, this doesn’t seem to be what it should be. And the whole thing a lot of people go out and they order pizza night after night after night because it’s simple, it’s easy. But all this bread, all this gluten and gobs of melted cheese, it’s loading up your system.

[00:26:27.190] – Chef Ilia Regini

That’s causing a lot of trouble, a lot of problems. So I know it’s not going to be the answer you’re all looking for, but you have to dedicate a little bit of time to your own health and be healthier. You have to put the time and.

[00:26:42.300] – Paul Finer

Effort into it and the ambience, I’d say, when you’re cooking the way the presentation, does that influence people’s appetites?

[00:26:56.610] – Chef Ilia Regini

Certainly. I know it has with me. It has for me for years. Instead of just having a scoop of just putting something plopped on a plate, take a few seconds longer to make it look attractive and beautiful, maybe with a little bit of parsley, the curly parsley. I use for decoration and the flat parsley I use for flavor. And you can maybe put a basil or a mint leaf. It’s just all about us. We all deserve that. We don’t have to wait to go to a spa. You can turn your own house into a spa on a nightly basis.

[00:27:37.010] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

That’s a great suggestion. I want to talk a little bit about you breaking into this area of food discipline. There’s so few women chefs these days, and to see you as a female chef, what advice would you give to young women in particularly, but young students all over who may be interested in becoming a chef? It’s just so wonderful how your mom and your family supported you when you wanted to pursue this path of becoming a chef. And like I said, breaking into this arena as a female is absolutely astounding, and you are a pioneer and a role model because there’s so few women in this space. So what could you share with our audience or younger listeners that are listening in on this program today? What advice would you give them if they wanted to follow your footsteps and become a chef and maybe down the road be able to write a cookbook? But just breaking into this arena, what advice would you give when you reflect back on your journey?

[00:28:53.550] – Chef Ilia Regini

I would say that you have to believe in yourself. It’s a feeling. It’s a feeling that you have. It comes on very strong. At least it did with me. To answer that question, I’ll circle back to that answer again. But I remember when I was up in Maine, we were at some place at somebody’s place for the day, and somebody said, Gee, what are we going to do about food? And I said, hey. I said, I can probably whip something up for you. I said, Let me take a look and see what you got in your cabinet, in your refrigerator. And sure enough, I don’t know what you know, I could figure it out. I think a lot of it in my case, it comes from the higher sources, but I don’t know if every person is like that. It depends on the individual. But if a person is really passionate about cooking, like I said, it is an art and it is a science and, they will know it, and they have to believe. Oh, you know, I’m not going to believe. Oh, so and so says the only way I should make money, I should become a doctor or a lawyer.

[00:29:57.690] – Chef Ilia Regini

I mean, that’s not really the case. We were all given certain gifts in this life. And, you’ll know, the person may want to start with something small and maybe try a few things and bring them around to various people that they know for just to try it. And believe me, the word will spread. The word will spread around. Always believe in yourself. If you think you have the knack and the desire and that’s where it’s falling. Your gift in life. You will know it and you will continue along that path.

[00:30:28.900] – Paul Finer

One interesting thing in your book is you talk about beverages and smoothies. Could you tell us a little bit about the importance of a good beverage and the different options?

[00:30:42.110] – Chef Ilia Regini

Okay, well, basically those smoothies were actually come up because what are we going to do with fruit? We have fruit that’s getting a little too ripe. It just sits around. A lot of people forget about it and then it gets dumped out. You can take that leftover fruit. It could be bananas, it could be pineapple, could be whatever. And you can chop it up and put it in little baggies and keep it in the freezer. And then for example, in the summertime when it’s pretty hot outside, you can take some of those chunks out, put it in a blender or high speed blender, and you can add whatever you want. For those of you that like a little bit of milk, I use a little bit of goat milk. For those of you that are vegan, you can use something like almond milk or oat milk. I think they have oatley is popular nowadays. You can dress it up as you wish. At the same time, you can add a scoop of tahini, for example, the sesame spread, that gives you energy in the morning. You can add a little bit of algae, for example, that has other benefits.

[00:31:46.860] – Chef Ilia Regini

And you’ll notice that it kind of gives you great energy all morning long to do what you do.

[00:31:54.260] – Paul Finer

That is really interesting.  what about muffins?

[00:32:09.790] – Chef Ilia Regini

Muffins, okay. We usually get people that ask for what can I have for breakfast? The muffins are interesting because they’re not too sweet. Most of them are done with I mean, probably we could make them vegan as well. But my recipe uses the pasture eggs. For those we use almond flour, a combination of almond and millet flour. And I believe that they’re very nutritious. The banana nut walnut are very popular as well as the lemon, raspberry, poppy seed.

[00:32:45.040] – Paul Finer

I love blueberries and I always buy them. And somebody said a lot of people freeze them during the winter at the end of the season.

[00:32:56.490] – Chef Ilia Regini


[00:32:56.880] – Paul Finer

Do they maintain their taste if you freeze blueberries and then yes, blueberries will.

[00:33:04.710] – Chef Ilia Regini

Maintain their flavor and the nutritional value. If you freeze them, the only thing they don’t have is they become soft. They don’t have that little bite like they do when they’re fresh. That’s the only thing that’s missing. They just become soft.

[00:33:22.460] – Dr. Pauline Mosley


[00:33:24.410] – Paul Finer

And another thing that question I had is, do you have a website?

[00:33:31.540] – Chef Ilia Regini

I certainly do.

[00:33:36.940] – Paul Finer

That is great. Do you have another question?

[00:33:39.210] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

Yes, the fish dishes. You have fish dishes. Which fish do you recommend? That is a basic fish for people to get.

[00:33:47.310] – Chef Ilia Regini


[00:33:47.650] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

If they don’t have any fish at.

[00:33:49.650] – Chef Ilia Regini

All in their diet, I would say that the wild salmon dish, the wild filet of salmon is very, very nice. It’s very popular. I have to tell you, a lot of people order our poached coconut ginger salmon. They like that because we get a good cut of the salmon. I make them in two inch strips, I marinated in the refrigerator. I make the court bouillon, as they call it, and that’s bubbling away for a good 25, 30 minutes. In this particular case, I use the full fat coconut milk out of the Thai brand. And we also have another one that has white wine in there, but we also put some lemongrass shaved in there, some fresh ginger, some fresh mint. And after it stays there, cooking and bubbling away for about 35, 40 minutes, gives a lot of flavor to the fish.

[00:34:49.010] – Paul Finer

Unfortunately, we’re running out of time. And again, my guest has been Ilia Regini.   Healthy Nourished Body, a cookbook for the modern age. And it’s available on Amazon. And if we have a couple of seconds left, you also talk about soups in your book.

[00:35:10.910] – Chef Ilia Regini

Soups are incredible. I’ll tell you all about from a personal perspective. I make a fresh soup every single night for my husband and myself. And it’s tweaked differently every night I go into the refrigerator. And this is a good thing because, number one, you’re using up the scraps. And believe me, it happens to me as well. If I don’t use those scraps, they wind up going, they rot and they go in the garbage. So you use up the scraps, and plus you get a lot more nutrition because think about it, what are you going to put in your soup? You’re going to put in leftover pieces of celery and carrots and onions and peppers and broccoli and butter nut squash cubes all left over. And you turn it in. You can add rice, you can add quinoa, you can add seaweed noodles. It’s amazing. Every night I can concoct something different.

[00:36:01.660] – Paul Finer

Great. Well, thanks so much for joining us. And thank you, Pauline, for joining us.

[00:36:06.210] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

Oh, my pleasure.

[00:36:07.360] – Paul Finer

Co host. I’m Paul Feiner, and I’ll see everyone next week.

[00:36:11.440] – Chef Ilia Regini

Thank you very much for having me.

[00:36:13.180] – Paul Finer

Good. Now I’m hungry. Yes.

[00:36:16.010] – Dr. Pauline Mosley

Better go get that book.

[00:36:17.530] – Chef Ilia Regini

Thank you. Thank you.

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