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Eating Healthy For Your Eyes!

Many people are experiencing eye strain from constantly using the computer, not getting adecuate sleep and of course, not consuming the proper nutrients in the diet. Did you know that the eyes require an enormous amount of good quality nutrients on a daily basis? As we age, we need even more.

Lutein and zeaxanthin, both antioxidants, are two critical nutrients needed for the health of the eye. They must be obtained in the diet and/or supplements. Cooked dark leafy greens such as kale, collards, dandelion, mustard greens (including mizuna), broccoli, broccoli rape and turnip greens are rich sources of these nutrients. Try sautéing them in a little olive or coconut oil with minced garlic and onions. Mmm!

Omega 3 fatty acids also help protect the health of the eye. Best sources are mackerel, wild salmon, sardines, (canned or fresh) and organic eggs.

Vitamin A (Retinol) which is known to prevent night blindness is crucial and can be obtained from animal sources as well as the pre-cursor, beta-carotene, which can be obtained by consuming brightly colored vegetables and fruits such as sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, apricots and peaches.

The mineral, zinc, is also required for eye health and the best sources are
kidney beans, oysters, clams, seafood in general, organic poultry and pumpkin seeds.

Remember the eyes are the windows to the overall health of your body!

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