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Healthy Nourished Body:
A Cookbook for the Modern Age

Healthy Nourished Body: Best Cookbook for the Modern Age

In her new cookbook, Chef Ilia Regini shows the everyday cook how to prepare meals so delicious that people won’t believe they’re healthy.

When writing Healthy Nourished Body: A Cookbook for the Modern Age (Devon Square Press, 332 pp., $30), Regini designed tasty meals including chicken cacciatore, zucchini spaghetti, shepherd’s pie, and stir-fry whose elements satisfy the strictest nutritionist’s demands. Even her desserts (fruit parfait, apricot health balls, cranberry chocolate chip cookies) present traditional sweet scrumptiousness with few calories or trans fats.

Organized in a manner where any meal may be adjusted for a gluten-free, low fodmap, paleo-keto, or vegan diet, Healthy Nourished Body has enough recipes to keep the conscientious diner happy for months at a time!

“The idea for this book evolved from my passion for healthy, delicious, nutritious food,” Regini says. “Food isn’t something you simply grab and gobble up three times a day to fill you up. Food is both an art and a science. It’s about selecting the freshest local and organic produce and combining it with various forms of protein. My cooking is for people concerned about maintaining a healthy regimen and need a nutrient-rich diet to assist in achieving 100% health.”

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