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Pan Fried Lemon Sole – A Healthy Choice for many Specialized Healing Diets

lemon-sole-20161016One of my clients for whom I provide chef service, is suffering from a diagnosis of Lyme Disease and has been advised through his functional medicine doctor to follow the Paleo Ketogenic Diet.  One of the main dishes that I recently prepared for him is lemon sole.  Lemon sole is a very delicate thinly sliced white fish that has virtually no bones to deal with.   It does not have a fishy odor and is considered a good protein choice on this particular diet.

It is quite easy to prepare.  Some people like it dipped in a little coconut flour before sautéeing but it is also good just as is.  Add about 2 Tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet. Add a teaspoon of both minced garlic and ginger and simmer until golden.  Add the slices of fish.  Salt and pepper it and squeeze a generous amount of lemon.  Drizzle a little coconut aminos and that’s it!  Since it is such a thin and delicate fish, it cooks up quickly.  It will be done in about 3 minutes per side.  Turn over, salt and pepper, add lemon.  Drizzle a bit more coconut aminos.

This dish is appropriate for the following specialized dietary protocols:  The Auto-Immune Paleo Diet, The Candida Elimination Diet, the GAPS Diet, the Low Histamine Diet and the Paleo Ketogenic Diet.

Note:  For the Low FODMAPS Diet, leave out the garlic.

Ilia Regini is a certified healing through food specialist/health supportive chef/culinary instructor/writer/blogger and speaker.  Healthy Nourished Body offers chef service, cooking lessons, healthy kitchen makeovers and customized menu planning for healing through food dietary protocols.

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