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Watermelon Basket of Fresh Fruit Salad

With the summery weather upon us, this is the time of year that we all enjoy getting together for fun and a fabulous meal. At your next gathering, Why not have a memorable fresh fruit salad served out of a carved watermelon? It is really easier to make than it appears. Decide where the handle will be. Then, carve out the watermelon symmetrically on both sides with a good sharp knife. The handle intact can be trimmed down to the exact thickness you want.

Next, with a melon baller, start forming balls of watermelon. Place in a bowl. Continue making watermelon balls until you have quite a bunch. Pour off the excess watermelon liquid and save along with the watermelon scraps for another use.

Once the watermelon ‘basket’ is empty, you can make equal triangular cuts along the rim to make it extra festive. Fill the ‘basket’ with the watermelon balls and other seasonal fruits. Mix well. Squeeze a little fresh lime juice in the salad, add fresh mint leaves thinly sliced and mix well. Keep cool in a refrigerator until ready to serve.

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