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What is “Frankenwheat”?

wheat photoThe classic American landscape is no longer a field of “amber waves of grain” but a field of people suffering from auto-immune illnesses, celiac, gluten-sensitivity, diabetes, cataracts and arthritis. Welcome to the new strain of current wheat.

The current wheat that is grown around the world has been genetically changed, hybridized and cross-bred to make a dwarf like plant which is deplete in nutrients but is able to produce a larger yield in a shorter amount of time. Yes, you guessed it! Corporate business is putting the almighty dollar in front of people’s nutritional requirements! These new strains of wheat have never been tested for safety purposes on human consumption. That said, we are the guinea pigs consuming the new strain. The result? Inflammation of the intestinal tract causing gut permeability or leaky gut syndrome whereupon particles of food are showing up in the blood and causing an influx of auto-immune illnesses with celiac and gluten sensitivity on the rise. These foreign particles are not recognized by the body and so the body attacks its own cells and tissues-creating antibodies to the foreign particles. If you have elevated levels of antibodies detected in your blood, it’s time to seriously look at what you are eating.

Gliadin, the protein found in modern wheat gluten increases appetite, thus increasing people’s weight and because wheat is broken down to sugar in the body, there is a steady increase in the number of cases of diabetes.

The drug gliadin works in the body like a drug, that is, it stimulates the brain to want more and more and if it doesn’t get it, it goes through a series of withdrawal symptoms.

I am sorry to say that we have been scammed once again with the ubiquitous mantra: “Consume more healthy grains”. If this wasn’t enough, everyone is jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon thinking they are eating healthier. From the research i have conducted, gluten-free processed food is no panacea for the exclusion of wheat. It actually raises the blood sugar higher than wheat due to its preparation with various vegetable starches.

My next post will discuss food substitutes for wheat and gluten-free products.

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