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Green smoothie chock full of nutrients

Green smoothie

Try making yourself a green smoothie in the morning.  Not only is it tasty and delicious but it also supplies the body with the nutrients to maintain it more alkaline as opposed to acidic.  Most of us tend to have more of an acidic body than alkaline and that is when degenerative disease can take root.  Acidic foods consist of meats and starchy floury foods.  Alkaline foods consist of vegetables and fruits.

My smoothie contains a banana which is high in potassium (one of the electrolytes needed by the body), several pieces of coconut meat which is a saturated fat and good for the brain since it is 60% fat, a handful of green kale which is high in vitamin A, folic acid and magnesium, rice milk or other non dairy milk, a teaspoon of spirulina (a micro algae) which is considered a superfood and is used in minuscule amounts and is a good source of protein, a teaspoon of flax oil or seeds for the omega 3 essential fatty acids benefits, a tiny bit of minced chili for heat and a pinch of sea salt.

This breakfast treat not only supplies your body with a wide assortment of nutrients but it also is tasty due to the good quality fat.  The fat component gives you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.  Did I mention that it is very easy to assemble?  The only catch is that you need to have a high-speed blender such as a vitamix or blendtec.


1 banana (preferably very ripe and scrape out skins)

1/4 cup of coconut meat and/or water

1 Tablespoon of fresh avocado

handful of washed kale

1 sliver of jalapeño or serrano pepper

1 1/2 cup of rice milk

1 teaspoon of spirulina

1 teaspoon of flax oil or flax seeds

1 pinch of sea salt