Nourishment for the senses

Lemon blueberry scones w/spelt flour

After having put all my belongings in storage, I began a new chapter of my life.  I travelled to Northern Maine where I found myself surrounded by pristine nature in a yoga retreat in a quaint, old fashioned hamlet.

Each morning begins with a 30 minute meditation followed by one hour of yoga for me, since I am the chef.  I then scurry up to my artist’s workshop, aka the kitchen, to create a breakfast spread that is not only rich in essential nutrients but also appealing to the senses with a variety of colors, textures and aromas.  I prepare a cooked grain dish (amaranth, steel cut oats, sweet brown rice) or occasionally some roasted yukon gold potatoes garnished with fresh rosemary, drizzled with olive oil and a smattering of sea salt, an egg scramble with a variety of fresh produce and spices or a tofu scramble.  I grind flax and chia seeds which are rich in the omega 3 essential fatty acids and suggest sprinkling them over the sweet or savory dishes for an extra nutritional boost.

The food is lovingly prepared and presented on a long wooden banquet table.  It is a feast for the senses

Amaranth porridge with slivered almonds

and nourishment for the soul.  Besides my cooked dishes, there also are yogurts, organic jams, homemade whole wheat bread, homemade peanut butter, homemade granola, cheese, wild berries and a wide selection of teas.