Sundays at Sewall House Yoga Retreat

Me picking blueberries
Spelt crepes with a blueberry coulis

Today is Sunday.  That means it is time to prepare a delicious batch of homemade crepes.  I use my mother’s recipe for French crepes but with a few changes.  Instead of white flour, I use spelt flour (since I am wheat intollerant).  People who are celiacs, however, can not digest spelt and other types of flours need to be utilized.  Instead of using milk, I substitute unsweetened almond milk.  I lightly fry them in a tiny bit of canola or coconut oil instead of butter.  As an extra bonus, I have been experimenting by making a homemade “berry coulis” to drizzle over the top of the rolled crepes.  After having just gone blueberry picking, I had access to wild Maine blueberries.  Mmm!