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Simple Things You Can Do To Give Yourself An Energy Boost

Feeling fatigued and exhausted day in and day out?  Are you lacking in energy?  Take note:  Adrenal fatigue is getting to be the number 1 modern-day epidemic affecting millions of people.  Much of this is brought on from a combination of constant stress, continuous exposure to electro-magnetic fields, lack of sleep and a poor diet.  I have a few suggestions that may alleviate some of these problems.

Begin your day by drinking a 1/4 glass of filtered water such as Mountain Valley with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.  This will immediately alkalize your body.  Proceed to do some deep diaphragmatic breathing for a few moments.  This will oxygenate all of your cells and energize you.

Eat a nutritious breakfast of a soaked grain (see blog on breakfast choices), green smoothie (see blog on green smoothie demo) and a 1/4 cup of yogurt such as Erivan with active cultures topped with 1 teaspoon of bee pollen.  Bee pollen is a pure food that contains all of the essential amino acids needed by our body.

For lunch, consume a little grain such as brown rice, quinoa or sour dough bread with 1/2 cup of high quality protein such as beans, sardines, mackerel, chicken, turkey or tempeh and a raw salad or cooked sautéed greens.  All meats and fish need to be grass-fed certifed organic.

For a mid afternoon snack, have apple slices with almond butter or cashew butter.  To make it savory, add some minced parsley, ginger and garlic.  Eat a few brazil nuts which are high in the mineral selenium which we can no longer get from our depleted soil.

The evening meal should be well-balanced like lunch.  Each meal should contain a lacto-fermented vegetable and/or good quality yogurt with active cultures.  This will help proliferate healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Prepare yourself for a blissful repose by unplugging all electrical equipment in your bedroom.  This will alleviate exposure to EMF‘s while you are sleeping.  Also, darken the room as much as possible.  This will help with the production of the hormone, melatonin.  Finally, and the most difficult one of all, replace negative thinking patterns with healthy positive thoughts!

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